Featured Artist of the Month

Where Cannabis Meets Music

Our mission at Stage is to support local music through the sales of recreational cannabis, and in order to do that we directly support one artist or band every month.

Through direct support and promotion, we hope to lift up the local Portland music scene and contribute to amazing artists that deserve the exposure and love!

July 2022


Our VERY FIRST Featured Artist of the Month!

“Strolling down the cobblestone streets in Portland during the summertime welcomes you with the cooing of jazz from local restaurants, cover bands rocking and rolling on the bay, and music festivals popping up around town. 

Maine boasts talented musicians from near and far but we locals tend to get stuck in the comfort of a cover band. Maybe it’s a natural human instinct to stick to something you know but whatever happened to original music? Is there even an innovative music scene in Maine?”

August 2022

Five of the Eyes

“More than just taking you on a sonic expedition through time and space, Five of the Eyes will create an energetic, lively, entertaining performance they put their all into. They leave nothing behind when they step on stage, creating contagious energy that soars through the crowd.

Regardless of your taste in genre, there’s something to be felt and experienced at these shows.

Be a part of it on August 19 at Portland House of Music when Five of the Eyes hits the stage with one of their favorite local bands, Junesevere. I could sit here and babble all day about what their music means and feels like but nothing will compare to experiencing it for yourself. You
definitely won’t find a sound like this elsewhere.”

September 2022

Lucas Roy

The musicians’ sound can be described as “easy listening songwriter vibes” with a genre between folk, country, pop, and singer-songwriter. Roy has developed his sound by learning more about himself, what he personally likes to create, and what he thinks listeners will resonate with most. 


Rather than being influenced by a specific artist, Roy is often inspired by individual songs and is inspired lyrically by concepts, words, and phrases that can be molded into a piece with an unmatchable ambiance. As the artist shares, “a well-written song can change the whole mood and emotions of the listener. The ability to influence and inspire through music is one of the raddest things we can do as human beings.” 

October 2022

Angelikah Fahray

“Fahray’s smooth and beautiful voice glides effortlessly along the alternative R&B sounds, creating music you can feel through the instruments, lyrics, and powerful voice blending into one beautiful piece. 


What you hear in the songwriter’s music is derived from emotions she has felt throughout her life journey, the times she hasn’t been able to communicate through words. This elicits a spirited emotion for the audience as she pulls at our heartstrings in ways we aren’t able to articulate ourselves. 


Music is a love language, it is therapy; Behind every song, there is a meaning that sometimes Fahray doesn’t even figure out until later on. When she creates songs, the melody usually comes first and the lyrics later, allowing certain emotions and mental diseases to be released. 


The result is a heavenly blend of sounds and lyricism that provides spiritual healing. “