Angelikah Fahray

Featured Artist of the Month

The Art of Life’s Changing Trajectory 

Our passions tend to fuel us, to drive our life course and daily decisions. When you’re in tune with yourself and your life’s meaning, an ‘off’ feeling will arise when you aren’t moving forward on the path that will truly fulfill you. 

Angelikah Fahray’s experience with life’s changing trajectory led her to the stage where she now blesses Portland, Maine, with her angelic voice and lyricism. 

The singer and songwriter had always had an interest in performing at a young age but it wasn’t until she was asked to sing with a cover band during a graduation party in her senior year of high school that her passion started to manifest. 

As life moved on and her time with the cover band started to come to an end, she started to question her decision to pursue a nursing degree at SMCC. Fahray started dipping her toes into writing her own music on guitar, which led to her to the open mic scene and ultimately meeting Bill Giordano. 

It was clear her degree in nursing was not her life’s purpose; Her natural flair for eliciting strong emotions through creative lyricism paired with her divine voice was a gift she couldn’t ignore. 



Healing Manifests Through the Melodies 

Fahray’s smooth and beautiful voice glides effortlessly along the alternative R&B sounds, creating music you can feel through the instruments, lyrics, and powerful voice blending into one beautiful piece. 

What you hear in the songwriter’s music is derived from emotions she has felt throughout her life journey, the times she hasn’t been able to communicate through words. This elicits a spirited emotion for the audience as she pulls at our heartstrings in ways we aren’t able to articulate ourselves. 

Music is a love language, it is therapy; Behind every song, there is a meaning that sometimes Fahray doesn’t even figure out until later on. When she creates songs, the melody usually comes first and the lyrics later, allowing certain emotions and mental diseases to be released. 

The result is a heavenly blend of sounds and lyricism that provides spiritual healing. 

“The purpose behind the music is to help myself and others to heal by providing raw melodic tuneage that pulls at parts of the emotional body that may have blockages”, the artist shares. 


A Window Into a Beautiful Mind 

Whether you’re aware of the way music flows through us or the feelings it elicits are subconscious, music influences our emotions, drives, and sets the tone in a moment. As Fahray describes, it’s a way to communicate the difficult and sometimes confusing parts of us we are sometimes unable to articulate. 

Music and sound are powerful; individuals with the gift to create and perform hold a lot of strength and influence. Angelikah Fahray, in particular, plays a pivotal role in pioneering the stage for black women in Portland. 

As the artist explains, we rarely get to hear about feelings from a black woman’s perspective. Women, in general, have to fight to take up space and to be heard and understood, but black women have exceptional challenges and obstacles to try to even begin to level out the playing field. 

Not only is Fahray’s voice a beautiful sound musically, but it is also a crucial and inspiring frame of mind to be heard and shared. Her music offers a window into the heart and mind of a first-generation black Mainer and through her lyricism, faith, and representation, she heals and she inspires. 





Feel the Pull in Person 

Fahray has performed throughout Portland at our most beloved venues. Her first show was at Empire for the Flannabis Ball in 2019 and since then she has taken the stage at Dogfish, Thirsty Pig, Port City Music Hall, Portland House of Music and Events, One Longfellow Square, Congress Square, SPACE, Merrill Auditorium, Aura, State Theatre, Thompson’s Point, and many more. 

Experience the emotional pull of her lyrics and the calming touch of her angelic voice at her upcoming show on October 22. Angelikah Fahray will be opening for the Marvin Gaye Tribute at Suntiki Studios and will have her final show of the year at SPACE on Saturday, December 10.  

Fueling Her Passion and Purpose 

Angelikah Fahray is in tune with her passion and what fuels her. The art of life’s changing trajectory has led her to take the stage as an inspiring and extraordinary artist with distinct sound and lyricism that pulls at your heart and allows you to feel and communicate what may be difficult for you to express on your own. 

“For me, music provides a sense of belonging and purpose. I do this because I have no choice, it’s built in.” – Angelikah Fahray 

Fahray and her team are working hard to finish her EP which is projected to be released in the first half of next year. Stay tuned for her new releases and in the meantime, you can see her live at Suntiki Studios and SPACE in the upcoming weeks. And of course, to get in the mood, you can always stream her music. 



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