October 2022

October 2022

Stage has curated a hit list of our ‘can’t miss’ shows for the month of October!

Live music is back baby and Portland is paving the way for killer shows, high energy, and performances you won’t want to miss. We get it, life can get busy and it can be hard to keep up, so to make it easier for you, we here at Stage Cannabis have curated a list of top shows coming to Portland this month so you can stay in the loop and jam out to the best shows coming to town. 

The summer may be coming to an end soon but live music here in Portland will keep going. Here’s what’s happening in September: 



I never thought I’d type those names out together for a show here in Portland. Coming up on October 8 at the Cross Insurance Arena, these three colossal hip-hop/rap artists will be putting on a massive show. I would say this is probably one of the biggest hip-hop events we’ve had in Portland in a long, long time. 

Bobby Shmurda just spent 5 years in prison and got released in February of 2021, which was widely celebrated by the hip-hop community, so for that reason alone this show is going to pop off. It’s going to feel like an earthquake is happening in the city when he plays his #1 most popular song that has 405 MILLION streams on Spotify. 

Shmurda’s iconic return, Kodak’s mumble rap, and Montana’s infamous “HAAAN” adlib are all part of what will make this a killer show. 



Another groovy show is hitting the stage at State Theatre with Hippo Campus coming to town on October 15. The five-piece set is comprised of two vocalists and guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, and a trumpeter. 

The alternative and indie rock band encompasses life experiences through creative music that is easy to listen to. Their newest work is an expression of ego death which tags along with their lyrical history of working through life experiences like figuring out sexual and personal identities, memories you may regret, the balance of life and death, and all the emotions of joy, shame, pain, and happiness. 

Having performed at major festivals like Bonnaroo and Lollapolooza, they are sure to put on one hell of a performance at State Theatre. I’m personally looking forward to the light show! 


The lead singer of the rock quartet Twiddle is stepping away for a solo show in Portland at Aura this month. On October 21, the lead singer and guitarist will be putting on a happy-go-lucky show that will have you swaying your hips and smiling along to the melodies and lyrics of the reggae sound. 

His band Twiddle is a jam band that mixes a variety of music genres, including rock, jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and funk. If you’re going to play around with genres, that’s a healthy mix for a good time. 


Portland’s own powerhouse Angelikah Fahray will be gracing Suntiki Studios on October 10. She will be the opening performer for the How Sweet it is! All-Star Tribute to Marvin Gaye with show benefits going toward Go Big For Hunger & Sweetser’s Overdose Prevention Services. 

Fahray has blessed the State Theatre, Space Gallery, Merrill Auditorium, and other local spots here in Portland with her emotion-based, beautiful, and powerful voice. I couldn’t pick just one adjective so I had to use them all. Her R&B style and angelic sound are smooth and easy to listen to while pulling at your heartstrings through the melodies and lyrics. 

Get a feel for her music and vibe through her Spotify then check her out in person at Suntiki on October 10. 



Even if you knew nothing about them, you would have to go to this show merely because they are called the “magic beans”. 

On October 27, the Magic Beans will be hitting the stage at Portland House of Music and Events for an eclectic show giving off vibes from funk, soul, and rock sounds. The jam-band-esque performers create their own distinctive sound that differentiates them from the rest of the Denver bands. They played at Red Rocks in April of 2019 so you know they are going to put on a killer show here in Portland. 

If you like interesting music, unique sounds, and hella good vibes while you dance and bop around, this is the band to check out. Just so you can get a feel for what they’re putting down, check out their Spotify



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