August 2022

August 2022

Stage has curated a hit list of our’can’t miss’ shows for the month of August!

Live music is back baby and Portland is paving the way for killer shows, high energy, and performances you won’t want to miss. We get it, life can get busy and it can be hard to keep up, so to make it easier for you, we here at Stage Cannabis have curated a list of top shows coming to Portland this month so you can stay in the loop and jam out to the best shows coming to town. 


Coming up right at the start of the month is a show at the State Theater by the nostalgic band we all grew up on: Three Days Grace. The band is hitting the town as part of their Explosions Tour with special guests Wage War & Zero on August 1 at State. The Canadian rock band will hit the stage with their feel-good rock energy with a grungey mix of hard rock, alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal and post-grunge sounds. 

The State Theater puts on some of the best shows in the state, hence the name, in an intimate setting that still holds a major crowd and will be an ideal spot for a sick rock show. We could all use a cathartic release and this is the way to do it. They’ll have you feeling like you’ve been through heartbreak and pain even if you heaven’t as you head rock and belt out your favorite songs that both fueled and released your teen angst. 

To get you revved up and ready, refresh your memory with some of their classics like Animal I Have Become and I Hate Everything About You.


Up next right after Three Days Grace will be Atmosphere and Iration at Thompson’s Point, a personal favorite outdoor venue here in Maine. On August 4, the hip-hop duo Slug and Ant will be hitting the stage for a show full of lyricism, uplifting beats, politically-charged rap rants, and a sound that will have you vibing, dancing, and head-nodding. 

The show will be a mix of songs you’d want to hear in your car on a summer day with the windows down and honest and raw beats with politically-charged and socially-concious lyricism that will have you thinking. The nostalgic sound that has been flowing through our ears since 1996 boasts impressive storytelling with cadences that flow easy through their music. 

The show is coming up soon, so start prepping now with hits like Sunshine and The Best Day. 

Leon Bridges

We’re going to slow things down a bit with an R&B/Soul artist coming to Thompson’s Point on August 14. Leon Bridges will be serenading the outdoor venue with his beautiful and natural sound that resembles 1960s rhythm and blues, soul, R&B, all with his exceptional and smooth voice that seems effortless. 

His romantic and sensual tones will have you feeling good, falling in love, and swaying with the crowd as he presents his timeless music that fits in with the past and present, forever pleasant to the ear no matter the era. His voice is raw, effortless, and beautiful and he will serenade you in a way that will have you feeling it in your soul. 

Check it out for yourself with his songs like Coming Home and his newest single, Summer Moon. You may even want to send it to a loved one.  

Five of The Eyes + Junesevere

Now we’re going to talk local. Portland’s own Five of The Eyes will be performing with Junesevere at Portland House of Music on August 19 with a show that defies genre. The progressive rock band can’t be boxed into one space; As their website shares, their sound can be explained as: “Imagine that the love child of Jeff Buckley, The Mars Volta, and Incubus started making music. Then, somewhere along the way, it had an affair with Queens of the Stone Age.

Are you interested and hooked? Me too. Their shows are energetic and lively as vocalist Darrell Foster moves around the stage and really gets into it, which is contagious for the crowd. The local band is dedicated to making a sound that is completely their own with a musical expression you won’t find elsewhere. 

Check out some of their top songs like Atmosphere and Lust to Dust, then go see them live this month at PHOMe. 


Finishing off our month of Stage Selects, a killer show is coming to Cross Insurance Arena in Portland on August 23. THE Jack White will be rocking out on the stage with unique sounds and guitar skills that musicians of all levels envy. The singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer will be gracing Portland with blues rock, alternative rock, and folk sounds we just don’t hear anymore. 

White has won 12 grammys for a reason. He’s proficient in guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion, and is a heavily skilled piano player but is best known for being the lead singer and guitarist of the infamous The White Stripes. It’s a sound thats recognizable, envied, and worshiped; As an innovative musician, he creates his own unique sounds during live performances using various effects like incorporating a Digitech Whammy pedal and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi to achieve the sounds that have made him a legend. 

This is a show I promise you won’t want to miss. Start getting amped up now with songs like Lazaretto and Hi-De-Ho. You’ll be one of 62 MILLION streams… Now that’s intense. 

In the meantime, check out our Spotify to stay up to date on the latest music circulating through the state so you can be ahead of the best sounds that Maine musicians are brewing. 


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